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Here at SunsetSavannahs we pride ourselves in raising outstanding pet and breeder quality kittens.

  In the beginning, we had no intention on breeding. It’s been over three years since we purchased our F1 Savannah, Tabia.  We were simply searching the net for an exotic cat to love.  It took a whole year to find the cat of our dreams.  We happened upon the serval and fell in love.  Although the serval is an amazingly beautiful exotic cat, they do not do well as a domesticated indoor kitty mainly due to spraying and their large size. After even more research, we decided on the Savannah Cat. 

The F1 Savannah, in our opinion, was like owning a smaller size serval that can be kept indoors with less difficulty. However, an F1 is not for everyone.  Most people want a little less wild than the F1 can offer.  We spent many weeks looking at various web sites.  It was amazing how the prices fluctuated from one breeder to the next.  It took another few weeks to figure out the F1, F2, and F3 scale. The scale basically tells you how far removed from the African Serval they are. We learned that prices varied depending on markings, size, temperament, face, ear size, area. Etc. 

We were very leery of purchasing from another state or even country.  There were and still are many scammers out there, especially in the UK.  We were lucky enough to find a reputable local breeder.  To my knowledge, there are still only but a few good breeders in Washington State, especially selling F1s, F2s and F3 Savannah Cats. 

We purchased our F1 (Tabia) from Simply Savannah.  We were able to go to the cattery and chose our new baby. We met the daddy (100% seval) although he was outside he was more interested in us then all the other outdoor distractions going on around him.  He was also raised indoors as a pet until he was just too big and too strong to be a lap kitty any longer. Over the next three years, we have enjoyed Tabia amensly.  She loves kids, attention, toys, water, but mostly being a mom.  We decided that Tabia (F1) just wasn't happy being indoors for long periods.  The F1 is a bit hyper and likes to mark their territory.  We have since built her an outdoor enclosure that connects to the house.  She has half the sun room to herself.   So this is really were the breeding began. 

Tabia is currently 3 1/2 years old and only on her fourth litter.  We finally gave in to her demands.  She loves being a momma.  When her crate comes out, she is in it and ready to go to the breeders. We have used the same breeder each time, which is where we purchased her from in the beginning. When Tabia had her second litter we decided to keep one of her females, Carrie, (AKA big eyes), who is now the Queen of our soon to come F3 babies. Carrie does well on a one to one basis better than she does in a crowd.  She is beautiful with gorgeous spots and large ears.  We only like to place kittens that are very well socialized.  She also loves water and loves to play with feather toys.  Carrie is also very good at playing fetch and opening doors as is her mother, Tabia.  We have to concede to the fact that an F2 is much easier to keep.

Our Goals

 If we can help educate and place these wonderful kitties in good homes, we have done our job.  We hope to continue receiving emails and pictures from previous happy customers.  There are a few of these pictures on our album page.  Once you own one of these little crazies you will be hooked for sure.  This endeavor has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable jobs we have ever had.  And we believe you will feel the same after spending time with your new baby. 


In conclusion, a perfect example of this breed would be that as I am typing, Tabia is sitting here on my desk trying to push the keys on the keyboard.  As she is doing this, she is head-butting me. Maybe next year she will be doing all the updating for us. We do not intend to become a large breeder.  Being a smaller breeder, we are able to spend more than enough time with each and every kitten.  All of our kittens are handled daily by friends and family. These little guys are the funniest things we have ever witnessed.  They have more energy at birth than you can imagine.  Within hours of being born, they fight each other for momma's milk.  One boy stands out in particular.  He weighed in at just under a pound.  My daughter and I both love animals of all kinds but we have found our favorite in this breed of cat.   We do take deposits on kittens.  You can add yourself to our waiting list if you would like.  We do offer a well health certificate upon shipping and our contract comes with a 72 hour well health check at your cost.  You have the option to take kitty to a veterinarian upon purchase or not.  We also offer a replacement kitten if a genetic issue is found.  We have been fortunate and have not had to replace any babies.  According to our veterinarian, we have very healthy looking, beautiful cats with great temperaments.  References are also available upon request.

  We have concluded that Savannahs, most of all, love to make you laugh. 

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